Reyolds Boughton RB44

RB 44

The RB44 was developed as a lightweight multi-Purpose, water/foam fire appliance. The appliance comprises basically a Renynolds Boughton RB44 4×4 130 bhp front engine chassis which is mounted a specialist fire fighting top hamper.

The appliance consist of a 270 Gallon water tank with a 30 Gallon Foam compound tank this can be discharged trough the roof mounted monitor the hose reals or the delivery outlets. water can be supplied from the internal tank an open source or the hydrant system.  

 The Vehicle also carries 2 25kg BCF trolley. 

Leading Particulars: 

Chassis: Renolds Boughton 

Body work by: Moutain Range?


Power Unit: V8 350 Chevrolet Petrol   

Total weight (with Crew) 

Crew: 4  

Water tank capacity:  270 Gallon 

Foam compound tank capacity: 30 Gallon 

Maximum Foam production: 

Joined the Collection in :  February 2019






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