Bedford Pyrene Mk8

BHP Bedford 4927cc Engine

BHP Jaguar 4235cc Engine

Length of Jet (Monitor) (ft)


Length (ft)

Gallon Foam Tank

Gallon Water Tank


Weight (kg)


Bedford Pyrene Mk8

The Mk 8 was introduced to the RAF in 1972. In terms of design it was different to previous post war RAF crash trucks in that it had an auxiliary engine to drive the fire pump instead of using the prime mover via a power take off (PTO). It was not a major foam vehicle and classed as a primary 2 truck for use on smaller airfields or on larger airfield augmenting the major foam trucks. It was also capable of water production for use in the domestic fire fighting role. It carried a crew of 3.

The last ones were taken out of service in1992

Leading Particulars
Chassis: Bedford RLHZ3 4×4
Engine (chassis): Bedford 4927cc, 6 cylinder, liquid cooled, gasoline, developing 99.28kw (13 3bhp) at 3400rev/min, compression ratio 7:1
Engine (auxiliary): Jaguar, 4235cc, 6 cylinder, gasoline, developing 141.8kw (195bhp) at 5000rev/min. Liquid cooled using inter-cooler to circulate water pumped from the main water tank through engine coolant and lubrication system
Weight Fully Laden: 8ton 15cwt (4380kg)
Overall Length: 21ft 2in
Water Tank Capacity: 460 gallons (2091 litres)
Foam Tank Capacity: 80 Gallons (363 litres)
Foam Production:
One sideline: 1600 gallons per minute, (7273 litres per min)
Two sidelines: 3200 gpm (14,547 lpm)
Using monitor: Monitor could be set to produce 5000 gpm or 2500gpm (22729 or 11364 lpm)
Length of jets: using one sideline 65ft (20 metres) using monitor 165ft (50 metres)




Mark 8 battery charged.


MK 8 Brake pedal sticking on. Battery very low. Battery charged for four hours, needs removing for bench charging. Brake return spring and bracket found missing, replacement Spring sourced and fitted. Engine started and brakes tried, servo action applied brakes but...

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