The Alvis Mk6 was introduced in 1956 as an all terrain crash fire-fighting vehicle that was based on the Alvis Stalwart chassis with bodywork and fire fighting equipment supplied by Pyrenne.


This MK6 on display 23 AG 56 was the first Mk6 production model, made in 1956.The MK6A, MK6B and MK6C & MK6D’s came later, they generally looked the same outwardly but had a larger foam monitor and changes to the pump. The production of the MK6 ended about 1963, although they remained in service until 1978.
It is known for certain that this vehicle spent some of its time at RAF Wyton in the 1970’s up at least 1976. In 1976 it was downgraded to instructional assembly.
According to records it served in Coastal, Transport, Fighter and Maintenance Commands
It is currently on loan from the National Fire Museum Trust based at Weedon.


Leading Particulars:


Chassis: Alvis Salamander 6×6 developed from FV600 Alvis Saladin armoured car chassis.


Body Manufacture: Pryenne.


Length: 19ft 6inches. Weight 13tons. Fording depth 30inches.


Power Unit: Rear mounted Rolls Royce B81 straight 8 liquid cooled petrol engine with a 5 speed pre select gearbox. Maximum Speed 53mph. BHP 237 at 4000 RPM. 


Top Speed: 53 Mph


Crew: 3


Water tank capacity: 700 gallons (3,182 litres)


Foam Compound tank capacity: 110 gallons (500 litres)


Fully Laden Weight: 13 Tons


Maximum Foam Production: (without replenishment (This variant) Monitor & two handline’s 5000gpm.1.8 minutes


Secondary Media: This vehicle also carried a Bromochlorodifluromethane (BCF) System comprising of a 10gallon (45 litres) tank pressurised by nitrogen which was discharged through 100 Ft (30 mtr) hoses This was used primarily for small fires within compartments, engine fires or as a quick knockdown agent. The early variants carried CBM (Bromochloromethane) as the extinguishment medium.
It was also fitted with a self contained Co2 fire protection system with discharge nozzles within the engine compartment.








MK6 Maintenance Updates

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