Mk 10

Mk 10

The Mk 10 airfield crash tender Came into service in 1981 and was built by Carmichael using a Scammell Nubian chassis and powered by a Cummins V903 diesel engine housed in the rear. This was a Primary 2 Foam Truck for use on smaller airfields, or to augment major foams. 

Several variants came into being, namely MK 10A, MK10B, MK10C, & 10D. Most of the MK 10 & 10A variants were converted to a MK 10E with the fitting of a new cab and new monitor pipe work. The first Mark 10’s originally had one tank containing a premix foam solution but because of domestic fire fighting requirements the MK10A’s were fitted with separate water and foam tanks. 

The vehicle can be used on the road or under cross country conditions.

Leading Particulars:

Chassis: Scammel Nubian 4X4

Body work by:  Carmicheal Re furbish by Simon Gloucester SARO

Length: 8.48m

Width: 2.49m

Power Unit: Cummins V903 series, 14.82 litre, 8 cylinder OHV, V engine, naturally aspirated, water cooled, diesel, developing 302 (bhp) at 2800rev/min

Total weight (with Crew): 16050kg

Crew: 4

Water tank capacity:  600 Gal

Foam compound tank capacity: 80 Gal

Maximum Foam production:

Secondary Media: 50 Kg BCF (Bromoclorodiflurormethane) commonly known as Halon

Equipment: The firefighting equipment includes the provision to produce foam through the montiors and had lines. various specialist rescue and fire fighting equipment is also carried. the vehicle carries suction hoses giving it the ability to draw water from an open source.




Mk 10 Maintenance Updates

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