Bedford Mini Angus

Truck, Firefighting, Domestic Water, 100 Gallons, 

The Mini Angus was developed as a domestic  tender for use on non flying stations there where only 26 produced for RAF service. The vehicle consists of a fully enclosed 4 man crew cab with doors fitted both sides for easy access. Two roller shutter doors on each side enclosed the equipment lockers. It is designed for use as a general fire fighting vehicle. For this purpose water can be drawn either from the internal tank, open water, or an hydrant system. The pumping equipment which fitted is fitted at the rear of the appliance is capable of delivering high pressure water to either the two delivery valves or to a first aid hose real.

The main fire fighting equipment is carried in 4 lockers on the vehicle, two ladders are carried on the roof of the vehicle and further equipment is carried in the enclosed crew cab.

This particular vehicle entered service in 1971 it served at RAF Mountbatten in Plymouth it then moved to the RAF Hospital Nocton Hall in Lincolnshire before moving to RAF Stafford for reserve storage, leaving RAF service in 1985.

This vehicle was acquired by the Museum in 2015

Leading Particulars:

Chassis: Bedford TK

Body work by: HCB Angus of Toton Hampshire.

Length: 18’8″

Width: 7’3″

Height: 8’7″  

Power Unit: Bedford 3507cc petrol engine.

Total weight (with Crew): 

Water tank capacity: 100 Gallon

Pump: Godiva FWPS 300 Gallon per Minute




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