Austin K4 Turntable Ladder

 Austin K4 60′ Turntable Ladder

This was one of 50 appliances built for the National Fire Service in 1944 they where designed to be used by firefighters outside of major city’s. All of the vehicles are registered in London as they where owned by the Home office but none are believed to have served in the capital. The Chasis was constructed by the Austin Motor company with the ladder supplied by Merryweather and sons of London. The driver is accompanied in the vehicle by the Oficrer in charge and the crew of Four ride in a rear facing open crew compartment on the rear of the vehicle.

This example is one of a small number fitted with an American biult Barton Pump with an output of 300 Gallon per minute.

This example served in South Wales during its war service then passing in to South Glamorgan County Fire Brigade serving at Pontypridd.

The vehicle joined the collection in

Durng the last 5 years the vehicle has had an extensive refurbishment.


Leading Particulars:


Chassis: Austin K4 

Body work:  



Power Unit: Austin  

Total weight (with Crew) 

Ladder: Meryweather 60′ Tripple Extension  

Pump: Barton  

K4 Maintenance Updates 

K4 sees daylight

K4 sees daylight

After a number of months inside and a lot of effort from team members, the K4 came out for some sunlight recently and a quick photo, new paint due to go on.

K4 brake cylinders

Progress again on the Austin K4, the brake cylinders have returned from reconditioning (many thanks to past parts for the rapid turnaround) and are now refitted.

Austin K4 Turntable

Austin K4 Turntable

Work continues with the now correctly assembled servo assembly going back together. The cab continues to progress in the capable hands of Colin and Jim, the seat box is now taking shape. The nose cone and grill prepared for painting.

Austin K4 Turntable

Austin K4 Turntable

Progress continues, with the doors. Welding is completed and Richard assisted by Lee is well on with filling and preparation for painting. Collins doing a great job with recreation of the seat box assembly, the Bedford seats have arrived and a set of series Land Rover...

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