Dual Purpose Mk1 (DP1)


The DP1 was developed to replace the wartime and early post war Water Tankers as Water Backups to the Foam Tenders. It was supplied by Foamite on a Thornycroft Nubian 4 x 4 chassis with the bodywork built by Tecalemit. It went into service in 1957 and was supplied until 1958. These continued in service until 1980.

As the name suggests (Dual Purpose) it was used not just as a water carrier but could be used as a Foam Crash Truck and was also equipped for Domestic Fire Fighting. All operations where made from the pump locker at the rear of the vehicle

This vehicle 24 AG 59 saw service at RAF Gaydon and RAF Topcliffe. It left RAF service in 1974 and was obtained by the Potter Group at Rippon and re-registered as KFF 132.In 1993 it was bought by the Thornycroft Society and restored. It was acquired by Steve Shirley after seeing it advertised for sale on ebay, Steve is really grateful to the Society for selling it to him.

Leading Particulars:

Chassis: Thornycroft Nubian 4X4

Body work by Tecalemit and built by Foamite

Length 20ft 7inches (6.247 metres)

Power Unit: Rolls Royce B80 Mk5H cylinder petrol engine 140 bhp at 3,500 rpm

Total weight (with Crew) 10 Tons

Water tank capacity: 700 gallons (3,182 litres)

Foam compound tank capacity: 35 gallons (160 litres)

Maximum Foam production 3,480gallons per minute (15,812 litres) for three minutes (without water replenishment)



DP1 Scrapped

DP1 Scrapped

Our old DP1 which had a number of issues preventing us from being able to restore her back to looking and driving well was cut up recently for scrap metal, it was a hard decision to make, but with the recent acquisition of another DP1 in restored condition the...

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