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DP1 Scrapped

DP1 Scrapped

Our old DP1 which had a number of issues preventing us from being able to restore her back to looking and driving well was cut up recently for scrap metal, it was a hard decision to make, but with the recent acquisition of another DP1 in restored condition the decision was made.  All re-usable components were removed from the scrapped vehicle and are now in our parts store for re-use.


Preparations to remove the MK 5 engine continue.


Richard T and my self have been addressing concerns over noise and vibration on the ACRT. All fluids were checked, steering box and swivel housings found very low. Also transfer box oil level very low. Differentials topped up and prop shafts greased. Steering is now a little lighter and transmission noises have reduced marginally. It was noted that the engine mounts need replacing in the not to distant future.

Austin K4 Turntable

Garath and son are continuing to prepare the Austin K4 body work for painting. Colin and Jim have the New Bedford seats installed.

Austin K4 Turntable

Austin K4 Turntable

Work continues with the now correctly assembled servo assembly going back together.

20160514_144955464_iOS 20160514_145006996_iOS

The cab continues to progress in the capable hands of Colin and Jim, the seat box is now taking shape.


The nose cone and grill prepared for painting.


Nuclear Convoy Volvo

Nuclear Convoy Volvo

Advantage was taken of the good weather to continue preparing the truck for repainting.

20160514_141358396_iOS 20160514_105959260_iOS 20160514_144339758_iOS

Mk 9

Mk 9

Kev has been matching up the refurbished grill surround to a replacement front panel, a bit tricky as both parts were already drilled. But being from different vehicles predictably they didn’t match up. Despite the discrepancy the finished result looks good.

20160514_141216610_iOS 20160514_151134417_iOS

Nuclear Convoy Volvo

Richard’s done a sterling job on the bumper of the Nuclear convoy vehicle. Welding an insertion repair to the right side and generally straightened out the dings and dents prior to it’s going for painting.


Austin K4 Turntable

Austin K4 Turntable

Progress continues, with the doors. Welding is completed and Richard assisted by Lee is well on with filling and preparation for painting.

Collins doing a great job with recreation of the seat box assembly, the Bedford seats have arrived and a set of series Land Rover rails sourced to hopefully allow the driver some adjustment. It will be interesting to see how they look.

The brake servomechanism has been stripped down for inspection, it’s not as bad as anticipated and renovation is underway. The internal linkage was found to have been incorrectly assembled at some point in time. Correction was interesting needing more fingers than Dave and I possess.

The incorrectly assembled servomechanism

20160511_125750165_iOS 20160511_125808962_iOS 20160511_125859888_iOS

EPM 85 K – Dennis D series

EPM 85 K – Dennis D series

Reports of running as though on three cylinders and cutting out.

Inspection found contact breaker assembly to have over heated sufficiently to melt the heel of the cam follower. Condenser checked, found open circuit.

Replacement contact Assembly fitted and condenser renewed.

4.2 litres of Jaguars finest now sounds as it should and fires first touch of the button.

20160511_130523737_iOS 20160511_140521471_iOS

Dennis pump escape – RFO 694

Reported as running rough and lacks power.

Rolls-Royce B 80 found to be running on only 4 cylinders!

Inspection of the ignition found miss matched HT leads resulting in burning of the distributor cap. Replacement cap sourced and all 9 ignition leads remade in copper with correct period fittings.

Spark plugs cleaned and gaps set to 0.025″

Engine now running smoothly but still lacks power, particularly when hot.

Compression check carried out and all cylinders found satisfactory:

1, 130. 2, 120. 3, 130. 4, 125. 5, 125. 6, 120. 7, 135. 8, 130.

Distributor inspected, advance/retard mechanism checked and lubricated. Contact breaker assembly’s removed and points dressed, refitted and gaps set to 0.014″ . Low tension wiring connections cleaned and coils checked for correct resistance, upper coil does not work.

Engine now running satisfactorily, road testing carried out and vehicle declared serviceable.

RSJ758  WOT 1

Fuel noted in the oil sump

Carburettor inlet valve found to be not shutting off, carb removed, cleaned and dismantled. Float checked for puncture and found OK, needle and seat found unserviceable.

Fuel line disconnected from the tank to prevent further siphoning. Will see if spare parts can be found on Saturday.

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