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Mk6 Roof work

Nigel at work on the roof of the Mk6. Note monitor removed.

Mk6 Monitor

Steve rubbing down the Mk6 monitor

Mk 9 Brake check

Pit stop museum style! Mk 9 getting a brake check

Mk 9 Monitor replaced

The monitor of the Mk 9 has been replaced. We still managed to salvage quite a bit from the old one.

ACRT passes it’s MOT

Successful pass and shows the team have kept this Vehicle in satisfactory condition

K4 sees daylight

After a number of months inside and a lot of effort from team members, the K4 came out for some sunlight recently and a quick photo, new paint due to go on.


Mark 8 battery charged.


Colin has fitted the new door latch assembly to the MK 9 and repurposed the surviving power vamp battery for the yellow generator.

K4 brake cylinders

Progress again on the Austin K4, the brake cylinders have returned from reconditioning (many thanks to past parts for the rapid turnaround) and are now refitted.



MK 8 Brake pedal sticking on. Battery very low.
Battery charged for four hours, needs removing for bench charging.
Brake return spring and bracket found missing, replacement Spring sourced and fitted.
Engine started and brakes tried, servo action applied brakes but would not release whilst vacuum supply sustained. Servo inspected and found long overdue for service and in need of lubricant. Linkages freed off and lubricated. Vacuum hose found perished and renewed.
Brake  reservoir found empty, replenished needing 0.5 litres of Dot 4 brake fluid.
Pedal now returns satisfactory.
Brake fluid evident at rear right hand wheel cylinder. This will require investigation in the near future!
Steering column found insecure, new bracket and stop fitted and indicator switch refitted correctly.
Placard needs making to identify the location of the brake reservoir, and an inspection interval determining.

DP1 Final demise


This weekend

Well done to everyone involved in the dismantling of our old DP1. A last resort that sees 50% of the vehicle reused in other projects. The scrap value of the left over metal will release extra funds for more restoration projects!

John Mann, Lee Medley and Richard Barnes pictured.

DP1 Scrapped

Our old DP1 which had a number of issues preventing us from being able to restore her back to looking and driving well was cut up recently for scrap metal, it was a hard decision to make, but with the recent acquisition of another DP1 in restored condition the decision was made.  All re-usable components were removed from the scrapped vehicle and are now in our parts store for re-use.

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