MK 8 Brake pedal sticking on. Battery very low.
Battery charged for four hours, needs removing for bench charging.
Brake return spring and bracket found missing, replacement Spring sourced and fitted.
Engine started and brakes tried, servo action applied brakes but would not release whilst vacuum supply sustained. Servo inspected and found long overdue for service and in need of lubricant. Linkages freed off and lubricated. Vacuum hose found perished and renewed.
Brake  reservoir found empty, replenished needing 0.5 litres of Dot 4 brake fluid.
Pedal now returns satisfactory.
Brake fluid evident at rear right hand wheel cylinder. This will require investigation in the near future!
Steering column found insecure, new bracket and stop fitted and indicator switch refitted correctly.
Placard needs making to identify the location of the brake reservoir, and an inspection interval determining.

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