Reported as running rough and lacks power.

Rolls-Royce B 80 found to be running on only 4 cylinders!

Inspection of the ignition found miss matched HT leads resulting in burning of the distributor cap. Replacement cap sourced and all 9 ignition leads remade in copper with correct period fittings.

Spark plugs cleaned and gaps set to 0.025″

Engine now running smoothly but still lacks power, particularly when hot.

Compression check carried out and all cylinders found satisfactory:

1, 130. 2, 120. 3, 130. 4, 125. 5, 125. 6, 120. 7, 135. 8, 130.

Distributor inspected, advance/retard mechanism checked and lubricated. Contact breaker assembly’s removed and points dressed, refitted and gaps set to 0.014″ . Low tension wiring connections cleaned and coils checked for correct resistance, upper coil does not work.

Engine now running satisfactorily, road testing carried out and vehicle declared serviceable.

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